Louise Wersäll

I am a very experienced coach that have been coaching individuals and groups for 16 years. I have had several thousands of coaching hours with my clients through face to face meetings, telephone, and in group settings. You are welcome to book a meeting with me, just email a little about what you would like to work with together with me.

I have coached people in a variety of areas which means that you are always welcome to contact me for any reason and I will take a look at what I can help you with. I am especially looking for clients who are very interested in increasing creativity and innovation in a team, as a leader or as an individual.

Usually my sessions are for one and a half hour where thirty minutes are dedicated to education in the method I use (so that you can implement this in your life or work). The number of sessions in individual coaching are usually between five and forty.

I see every soul as truly unique and born with a tremendous capacity for creativity and I have dedicated many years of my life to figure out how to unlock ones creative potential and intuitive intelligence.

My main influences are Etholology and C.G Jung. The perspectives I am working with together with my clients has been successful in many different areas such as sales, organisational and behavioural changes. I have combined in-depth psychology and effective tools for achieving results in a way that gives distinct and lasting effects.

As a coach I support my clients in distinguishing personal truths. When an individual is in contact with his truth, power and creativity starts to flow. Often we do not know what we really want, what capacity we have or where we are going, but when this becomes clear within ourselves then it is easy to create what we really want. My role is to help clients with finding this clarity.

As a client, you will be encouraged to act on your insights. Experience have taught me that it is not enough to realize how we "should do". We need support and tools to help acting in harmony and accordance with those insights. My method provides an effective structure that inspires action on the insights and as a coach I create the conditions for this to work based on your unique situation. One of the main objectives of the training is to be good at changing perspectives. If I am going to coach you, I want you to have the ambitions to dive deep and reach high.

Read about the method I am working with here: Qwan

Send me an email about what you would like to work with: louise.wersall@alipsa.se